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SecurityCoverage Introduces Refer-A-Friend Program

SecurityCoverage is pleased to announce the creation of a new marketing program for our partners:  Refer-A-Friend!

The Refer-A-Friend program allows our partners to contact their existing SecureIT subscribers and invite them to refer a friend (or colleague, or family member, or anyone!) to try SecureIT as their Internet security application.  For each friend who signs up, the referrer will receive one month of FREE SecureIT service, and the new subscriber(s) will receive a FREE Supported Remote Installation and 15% off their first year of SecureIT service!

Partners offering this program also receive a credit from SecurityCoverage for each new customer who signs up via this program, as well as a percentage of the revenue from each new client!  This is a great way to spread the word about SecureIT, get more people safe and secure online, and earn a little bonus for yourself.

To make things even easier, SecurityCoverage will handle all of the communication and license keys.  You let us know when and how often to advertise the Refer-A-Friend program to your customers, and we’ll handle the rest!

If you are a partner and interested in participating or you would like additional info, contact SecurityCoverage Partner Support at 1-877-725-4839 or e-mail for more details and to sign up.  As always, stay tuned to the blog for future news!

Posted by: mattdf | September 2, 2011

SecureIT 2011: Making an Impact!

The 2011 version of SecureIT has now been out for four months, at first available only as a full installation package for new subscribers.  We’ve recently started rolling out the latest version as an update to existing 2010 clients as well.  With still only a small percent of our overall customer base using SecureIT 2011 we are already seeing a positive impact in our support center.

SecureIT is first and foremost an antivirus product, and the 2011 version is showing its strength already.  For the four month period that it has been out, we have seen an 11% decrease in the number of infection removals performed for our customers!  This is a significant reduction, and we expect this trend to continue as more and more clients are migrated to SecureIT 2011.

We have also seen an enormous impact in the realm of false positives (files detected by an antivirus product that should NOT be).  Over the past four months, we have experienced a 99% decrease in the number of false positive cases handled by our call center!  This translates to a reduced workload for our technicians, but more importantly a better computing experience for our customers.

So far, SecureIT 2011 has had a significant, positive effect for our customers, our partners, and our support center and it will only get better from here.  As always, stay tuned to for the latest SecureIT news!

Posted by: mattdf | August 19, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Virtually Eliminates False Positives!

SecureIT 2011 scores the lowest number of false positives among popular anti-virus products!

In a recent independent review, SecureIT 2011 outperformed four well-known anti-virus products by detecting the fewest false positives, based on a sample set containing over 11,000 Windows and Office files, and over 300,000 files from other popular programs!

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Don’t Forget…
Take Advantage of the Fall/Back-At-School Promotion Offered by SecurityCoverage!

Available for the month of September, any new SecureIT Plus customers will receive two months of virus/spyware protection for FREE! All you have to do is market SecureIT Plus with a minimum of 3 approved touches! These touches can include e-mail blast, bill insert, newspaper ad, marketing flyer, radio commercial, etc.

For additional details on this promotion and marketing assistance, call or e-mail SecurityCoverage Partner Support at 1-877-725-4839 /

Starting September 1st, SecurityCoverage is rolling out 3 great promotions that you can offer in order to help boost your SecureIT sales.

Fall/Back at School Promotion (September Only)
Use this promotion as a back at school offer to your customers. Customers who take advantage of this promotion will receive SecureIT Free for 2 months!

Refer A Friend (September – December)
Reward Yourself, Reward Your Friends with SecureIT! For every friend your customers refer who signs up for SecureIT your customer will receive 1 month free and your customers referral will receive a complimentary supported remote install and 15% off their first year of service.

Holiday Promotion (November Only)
Keep your computer safe and warm this holiday season with SecureIT! Customers who sign up for SecureIT in November will make no payment until February 2012.

In addition we are excited to introduce a new network pricing plan.

Network License Agreement
Introducing the SecureAdvantage Network Licensing Program. SecurityCoverage is introducing a new pricing plan that includes SecureIT Plus, 5GB Online Backup, and Password Genie bundled together with a savings of more than 70% compared to a la carte pricing! This new network license program provides the flexibility to create new bundles, offer all your customers a great suite of products, and stay competitive in the market!

Take Advantage of the Better Than Ever
SecureIT 2011 and Begin Marketing Today!

For details on any of these promotions or to participate in any of these programs contact SecurityCoverage Partner Support at
(877) 725-4839
or e-mail

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