Posted by: JenniferR | June 10, 2010

Coming Soon! SecureIT 2010

Over the past 6 months the SecureIT development team has been working very hard to build the next version of SecureIT.  Our focus has been on Windows Vista and Windows 7 64 bit stability, improved detection rates, and improving usability to further drive down call in rates.  We recently sent a code complete build to a third party quality assurance group to validate our internal testing results.  Overall we are extremely pleased with where we are at and are looking forward to providing you with a first look at SecureIT 2010 via our beta program that will be available in the next few weeks.

In this version of SecureIT we have improved and optimized many aspects of the software.  Here are a few of the many NEW enhancements in SecureIT 2010:

  • Update Progress Bar: When new updates are available for SecureIT your Management Console will now give you a progress bar displaying the progress of the update.
Update Progress Bar

Update Progress Bar

  • Schedule a virus scan! Within the Management Console you can now schedule SecureIT to do a full system scan.  Although SecureIT protects you on a continuous basis, this new feature gives customers the option to schedule a manual virus scan themselves, as often as they like.
    Right-Click Menu
    Right-Click Menu
  • Have a suspicious file or folder somewhere on your computer? You can now right-click and scan any number of files or folders located anywhere on your computer to ensure they are safe.
  • Added a new SecureIT Command Line Scanner
  • Enhanced “Run Security Scans” and “Quick Scan” detection rates by utilizing better known locations and heuristics detection.

In future blogs we’ll provide the technical details of each major feature; so stay tuned for more.  In addition, if there is something that you would like to see in the next version of SecureIT then join the IT Team, and submit all of your ideas through the private SecureIT Community Beta Forum!

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