Posted by: LarryO | July 14, 2010

SecureIT Services prepared for Back to School rush

Back to school time is fast approaching and this tends to be a busy time for us here at SecurityCoverage as college, high school and middle school students are firing up their computers.  Add that to our regular customers, and we face a busy August and September!  This is a very good time to re-acquaint you with our list of SecureIT Services so we can assist both our Partners and subscribers with our world class customer service.

Most importantly, SecureIT Service technicians are on staff 24x7x365!  Our peak phone times tend to be between 9am and 12pm, as well as 6pm and 9pm, Monday – Friday.  We’re prepared to help you with the installation of our SecureIT product and can assist you in troubleshooting anything SecureIT related.  For example:

  • Resetting license keys
  • Product downloads
  • Conflicting anti-virus or software issues
  • Click to resolve issues
  • PC Security appears out of date
  • For SecureIT Services please call 877-373-3320

There are times we receive technical calls regarding problems that are unrelated to SecureIT.  Although our SecureIT staff may not be able to assist with an out of scope call; we gladly refer them to our TotalTech group, that offers a wide variety of technical support services.   TotalTech help is only a phone call away for:  

  • Router issues
  • Printer issues
  • OS Issues – MAC or PC
  • Slow computer
  • For TotalTech Services please call 888-723-4932


 SecurityCoverage is your “one stop shop” for all your technical support needs.

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