Posted by: JenniferR | September 16, 2010

Malicious Website Tally Grows to 57,000 Per Week

While on eSecurity Planet I read an article I found interesting: Malicious Website Tally Grows to 57,000 Per Week

Malware syndicates are constructing over 57,000 new malicious websites each week to rip off Internet users and spread even more malicious code. During the three-month investigation by Panda Security more than half of all of the bogus websites created were targeting: eBay, Western Union, or Visa.

These malicious websites try to confuse and trick end users into believe they’re visiting a legitimate site. The hackers then obtain their passwords, bank account numbers, or credit card numbers and use this information to try to get cash or use the account information to buy other services or items online.

There are many ways that end users can get to these malicious sites. They can accidentally mistype the URL for a legitimate bank or e-commerce site, click on a link in a Spam email, or they appear after hackers have gamed search engine queries.

The article advises that when visiting these banking sites or online stores, customer should type the address in their web browser rather than using search engines or links in an email.

Each day SecurityCoverage’s Malware Team continues to strengthen the SecureIT product by updating new URLs that are determined to be malicious to try to protect customers from these types of vulnerabilities.

This past month SecurityCoverage launched Password Genie a secure password management product. After navigating to a website for the first time, users can save their Username and Password with Password Genie and when they need to return to this site, they simply go into their Password Genie console and click on “Go”. This ensures they are going to the legitimate site each time. Password Genie is a great tool for both convenience and security.

View the full article at:

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