Posted by: LarryO | October 1, 2010

The 17 Most Dangerous Places on the Web.

 Malware and viruses continue to be a thorn in the side of computer users. From e-mail to file sharing programs to search engines, without a good security program installed on your computer the Internet can be full of potential land mines. The best thing users can do is educate themselves on where these types of bugs can be lurking.

A recent article in PC World uses the Department of Homeland Security’s threat level system for determining the different threats posed by various web sites, applications, and devices.

Full Article:

The five tips they provide to stay safe online are:

  1. Keep up on patches – Be sure to run Windows Update, as well as the software update features in the other programs that you use everyday.
  2. Be password smart – As tempting as it is to use the same password in multiple places, don’t. And use longer passwords as they are harder to crack. If you have lots of accounts to manage, use a password manager.
  3. Use security software – That may seem self-evident, but it can help block malware or software that is acting suspiciously, and security software companies are hard at work devising new ways to stop infections be­­fore they ever reach your PC.
  4. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – Do not accept offers for millions of dollars or offers for a free Playstation 3.
  5. Assume that everyone’s out to get you – PC security is one area where it pays to be paranoid. Just remember that no security software is fail-safe, and that you’re still the one sitting at the keyboard. Assume that no site is safe and don’t automatically trust a link or file download, even if a friend sends it to you.

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