Posted by: LarryO | October 6, 2010

SecureIT Support

SecureIT Support

Support can mean diffent things to different people in different companies. At SecurityCoverage we feel providing good support means more than just answering a question or fixing an issue. It means that we do so with outstanding customer service. We believe in this so much that it is included in our Mission Statement. “Our mission is to simplify the use of technology for computer users and provide world class customer service.”

Our Mission Statement is more than just words. We solicit feedback from each and every one of the customers we support. This feedback allows for us to work on the things that need fixing as well as provide positive feedback to our technicians from our customers. We understand what our customers are looking for, but don’t take our word for it – see below for actual feedback from our customers.


I called in yesterday to get virus protection on a new computer. The guy that helped me was Nate (case number 611918). He was so wonderfully patient and thorough. Thanks to him and your great company.               



To Whom It May Concern,

Regarding case # 610216. Hi, please acknowledge Antonio for the superb service he rendered to me. Antonio was kind, patient, and very gracious concerning my ineptness in the technological realm. He advised me of the issues for which I should contact SecureIT in the future, before seeking tech support elsewhere. I recommended SecureIT to a friend and I will continue to refer others to your great company.

Thanks Antonio, I appreciate the respect you have shown me.



Once again, I was completely satisfied with the service and character of your staff!  Thank you for having knowledgeable staff who get to the heart of the problem…thanks to Karl I now have online backup too!  Thanks again. 


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