Posted by: JenniferR | October 14, 2010

Microsoft releases patches for the Stuxnet Worm

The Stuxnet worm was a popular subject in September when it attacked command and control centers in nuclear power plants in Iran. The worm was specifically designed to target computers running software used in industrial control systems. Stuxnet is able to exploit a back door and can let attackers remotely do a number of things – including interfering with a plant’s critical operations. In a record Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, and the .NET framework that feature fixes for 49 holes, including one being exploited by the Stuxnet worm.

Microsoft recently fixed two of the four unpatched holes being used by Stuxnet to spread to Windows-based machines. Today’s release plugs one (MS10-073) of the remaining two holes and the company said in a blog post that the final hole will be addressed in an upcoming security bulletin.

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While this particular worm hasn’t affected a lot of “Home” machines so far, hearing these types of stories on the news emphasizes how unsafe the Internet can be. With more and more of our daily activity happening online we need to be sure as end users we are protecting our personal information.

Always make sure your Antivirus is turned on and up to date and that your firewall is enabled. Also be aware of files you are opening or downloading either from email or from a webpage as you never know where infectious files may be lurking.

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