Posted by: EricC | October 21, 2010

I-Tune Receipt spamming a new technique being used to spread malware.

Recently There Has Been A Rogue E-Mail Going Around, Posing As An iTunes Store Receipt.

The E-Mail Itself Does Not Pose A Risk, The Links In The E-Mail However Do

The Whole Purpose Of The Receipt Is For The User To Realize That This Is A Mistake With The Order (Saying You Have Purchased Around $895.95 Worth Of Digital Information From The Store), In Which Most Users Will Select The “Report A Problem” Link.

The Following Receipt Will Look Similar To A Legitimate iTunes Email Regarding Any Sales To And From The iTunes Account.


This Is Exactly What The E-Mail Is Designed For, It Will Then Redirect The User To A Website Fully Designed To Automate And Facilitate The Spread Of Malware. The User Will Then Be Faced With A Page, Warning Of The Dangers Of Internet Threats, Showing Multiple Fake Infections, And Also Supplying What Seems To Be A Anti-Malware, Antivirus Suite For Active Download.

Downloading And Installing The “Antivirus” From This Webpage Will Actually Infect The Computer With A Rogue Infection Disguising Itself As A “Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus Protection Program.”

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