Posted by: EricC | October 25, 2010

How To Avoid Fake Virus Alerts

Fake Virus alerts and computer attacks while browsing the internet can happen at any time and on pretty much any website you enter.  A lot of times these fake threats will appear suddenly and offer to clean your computer by running scans that in reality do nothing but infect your computer.  These threats still occur on computers that have a fully updated and operational Antivirus program installed.

Here is what you as a user can do to prevent the infection from causing any harm to your computer.  Below is an example of a window that might suddenly appear while browsing the internet. When a window similar to this opens you cannot close internet explorer.  Your only options are to run a fake scan that does nothing or click Ok or Cancel.  Clicking ok or cancel installs the infection on your computer.


A lot of users choose to turn off the computer when this happens or click cancel.  In some cases, that is exactly what the infection wants you to do because some infections may install as the computer restarts.  The best way to stop an infection is to open the windows task manager force close Internet Explorer.  To open the task manager simply right click on the windows task bar that is located at the bottom of your screen and select task manager.

The task manager is a tool on every windows computer that allows you to view what programs are in use and will also stop programs from running when they are frozen or not responding.  Once the task manager is open, click on the applications tab located near the top of the task manager.  The applications tab shows you what programs are currently being used on the computer.  Since the infection opened up in Internet Explorer we will need to use the task manager to close internet explorer and stop the infection.  Click on the Internet Explorer task once, so that it is highlighted and then click on the button labeled end task.  You will see a message asking if you are sure you want to end internet explorer.  Click “end now” and you’re done.

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