Posted by: EricC | November 10, 2010

Dynamic Link Library Vulnerability Fix It Tool For Windows Users

Earlier this fall, Microsoft released a one-click “Fix It Tool” for a vulnerability to essential code in the operating system called Dynamic Link Libraries.  Each of these “libraries” performs a specific function within Windows, often times to help facilitate the function of outside, third-party software we install on our computers.

On a rare occasion, a specific DLL is requested by an application but not found, opening a series of events that can lead to “trick” DLLs that lead to infection to be loaded onto your machine from outside sources exploiting these applications through the web.

That explanation is a short one, much like this tool found on the Microsoft support site.  If you scroll down to the “Fix It For Me” section, you can disable this vulnerability from taking place in your registry without having to go in your registry, which can be a very risky venture.

Also look in the aforementioned link for a more detailed explanation of both the vulnerability, and the specific function and purpose to the fix.

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