Posted by: secureitproduct | December 15, 2010

IE/Yahoo Toolbar Compatibility Issues

Yesterday was another Microsoft Patch Tuesday…  This month’s releases represent the largest number in quite some time.  See the URL below for additional details.

Although unconfirmed by Microsoft, users who have the Yahoo! Toolbar installed on their systems are reporting compatibility issues causing Internet Explorer to crash upon launch.  This issue is impacting customers using IE6, IE7 and IE8 on Windows Vista, 2K, and XP machines.  SecurityCoverage has been receiving calls from end users to our TotalTech team, ISP Support lines and SecureIT product support groups.

While this issue is not related in any way to SecureIT or SecureIT Plus we have been receiving calls from customers who feel they may be infected or experiencing an Internet related outage due to the symptoms caused by the conflict.  There have been several reported repairs for this issue including uninstalling the Yahoo! Toolbar, changing settings in IE and further advanced repair techniques.   For those customers calling into SecureIT or our ISP Support line we are offering them the TotalTech Tune-Up service.  As a part of this service we will repair the crash issue for them as well as complete a full PC Tune-Up.  To direct your customers to TotalTech please have them call 1-888-723-4932.

For more information on the crash you can view the following blog post:

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