Posted by: mattdf | May 13, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Is Now Available for All New Customer Installations!

We are extremely happy to announce the official release of SecureIT 2011! As of today, all new customers installing SecureIT will receive the 2011 version of the software.

SecureIT 2011 brings with it some great new features:

Updated detection technology: With SecureIT 2011, we worked hard to increase our detection rate of infections, and also decrease the amount of false positives that have been seen in the past. To further improve, we rebuilt our scan engines and partnered with Internet security firm BitDefender to incorporate their anti-malware components into the SecureIT client.

 Improved the resource footprint: SecureIT 2011 consumes fewer system resources than the previous 2010 version. 

 New look and feel: The SecureIT Management Console is now consistent with all other SecurityCoverage products.

 Streamlined installation: Installing SecureIT no longer requires a reboot; reboots are only necessary if there was a previous anti-virus program installed.  

 30-day free trial: You can now offer a FREE trial of SecureIT Base to your customers for 30 days.

We are confident the SecureIT 2011 product will have a positive impact for all new SecureIT customers and we plan on releasing an update for all existing customers in the coming weeks. We will keep you informed on our progress as we work toward the update release.

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