Posted by: mattdf | June 14, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Outperforms the Competition!

SecureIT 2011 was recently reviewed by, an independent non-profit organization used as a benchmark by the security software industry.

Their testing included on-demand detection against over 400,000 malware samples split into four different categories:

Worms:  Self-replicating, network-spreading infections.

Backdoors/Bots:  Allow unauthorized system access.

Trojans:  Malicious programs that appears legitimate.

Other Malware/Viruses:  Macro viruses and scripts.

The Results:  SecureIT 2011 scored higher in overall detection of malicious software than some of the most widely used and recognized security programs on the market today.

Detection rates are based not only how many samples are caught but also on the number of false positives (valid files) that were detected. During the review SecureIT 2011 detected “Few” false positives.

Along with detection rate, this group reviewed the product as a whole, stating “the user interface of SecureIT is essentially simple, clear and well-designed.”

These results highlight the strengths of SecureIT 2011.  We are extremely pleased with these results, and are planning to participate in additional independent studies throughout the rest of this year. Stay tuned for further updates!

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