Posted by: mattdf | June 21, 2011

SecureIT 2011 achieves Microsoft Security Center Certification

SecureIT 2011 joins an elite group of anti-virus software recognized and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7® Security Center. To achieve compatibility, SecureIT 2011 conforms to a strict set of policies and coding practices to ensure a smooth installation that reduces the risk of program errors on Windows 7.

SecureIT 2011 is also recognized as an official Internet security product by Microsoft, which allows us to register SecureIT as the currently installed anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall program on all current versions of Windows, including Windows 7!

Compatible with Windows 7To achieve recognition in the Microsoft Security Center, anti-virus programs must have the following:

  1. Advanced malware detection rates
  2. Independent third-party quality review
  3. Adherence to a software code of ethics for malware research and handling

Once all of these requirements are met and approved by Microsoft anti-virus software can receive this recognition.

The first requirement in achieving certification is to prove advanced malware detection rates. As some of you may already know, SecureIT 2011 recently received a 97.5% malware detection rate, according to an independent review performed by  Building off the success of that test we will be participating in several more independent reviews, including Virus Bulletin’s VB100 test, a wild list review by, and also a complete comparative by

The second requirement is to have an independent group review the software. We want to ensure we deliver a great product for customers. We started our reviews by conducting a 3-month beta period with SecureIT 2011. During this time, we released five separate beta versions to gather feedback from our partners on how to improve the product.

To verify the stability and functionality of SecureIT 2011, we also performed a functionality test cycle with uTest.  uTest is an independent group consisting of individual testers around the world who extensively test software to find bugs and provide feedback.  All of our development, testing, and independent review efforts help us further our primary goal of ensuring this release of SecureIT is better than ever.

The last requirement to receiving Microsoft certification is to adhere to an established code of ethics regarding malware research and handling.  This means as a company we promise to help keep the Internet safe and clean, and do everything in our power to combat those who would cause harm.

All malware samples that we handle are contained within our malware lab and are utilized solely for the purpose of enhancing the SecureIT product. This lab is only accessible by trusted individuals, which ensures our samples will not fall into the wrong hands.

This industry recognition further demonstrates that SecureIT 2011 is better than ever!  From easy installation and expert support, to simple navigation and top malware detection rates, SecureIT 2011 is striving to become an industry leader, and we are honored to achieve this certification.

– Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.


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