Posted by: mattdf | June 28, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Scores a Perfect Detection Rate Against WildList

SecureIT 2011 was recently tested by the independent research team at  AV-Test performs quarterly reviews and certifications on many of the most widely known anti-virus products on the market, and their certification is regarded as an industry standard.  This particular analysis put SecureIT 2011 to the test against infections from the WildList (

The WildList is a monthly listing of infections designated as “in-the-wild” by virus researchers. These infections are currently active on the Internet and threatening users, businesses and organizations.

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The WildList is used as a benchmark for the anti-virus industry, and many independent reviewers use it as a basis for the effectiveness of a given anti-virus product.  Such tests are important for Internet security products to pass, especially given the sheer number of infections that have been created in the past several months.  In a report by McAfee, the first quarter of 2011 saw the largest number of new, unique malware samples in history:  over 6 million samples, with 2.75 million appearing in February alone (, which equates to a rate of  over 88,000 new viruses created every day!

We are pleased to announce SecureIT 2011 achieved a perfect score by successfully detecting 100% of the infections in the WildList!  This test included both on-access (real-time) and on-demand (manual) scans against over 1,700 malware samples representing the WildList.  SecureIT 2011 received a 100% rating with both the on access and on demand tests!  These results reinforce the advanced detection rate and highlight SecureIT’s fast response time to new threats as they emerge.

We will be participating in several more independent reviews in the coming months.  Stay tuned for the results!

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