Posted by: secureitproduct | July 12, 2011

Internet Security: Protecting Customers and Your Long Term Business

The exponential rise in security threats creates great concern for consumers. A security event can significantly disrupt their digital lifestyle, leading to frustration and poor customer satisfaction ratings. What was once just a PC threat, now extends to a variety of connected devices within the home and beyond. One virus delivered via email to the home PC can now infect an entire personal network, causing great anxiety for customers.

shieldProtecting customers from these threats is not only good customer service, which creates significant goodwill, but is also a great revenue generating business opportunity. Parks Associates, a leading market research firm for the digital home, reports Internet security and antivirus protection are one of the top desirable products of consumers to be delivered by their ISP or broadband service provider.


In an environment where maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and generating incremental revenue are paramount for long term success, Internet security services rank as one of the best tools used to achieve both. Join SecurityCoverage for this important live webinar, where we’ll provide an update on the evolving security threat faced by consumers and outline strategies and tools that service providers can use to support customers while building a profitable business in the process.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Internet security threat faced by customers
  • Gain insight from current market research which reveals what customers are looking for from their ISP relative to Internet Security
  • A comprehensive review of the latest release of SecureIT 2011 Internet security platform
  • Understand how SecurityCoverage, using best practices, can provide turnkey support for your Internet business

Who Should Attend

  • Service Provider CEOs and General Managers
  • ISP Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Staff
  • Business Development Staff
  • Technical and Engineering Staff


  • Rocky Chipokas, Partner Sales Manager, SecurityCoverage
  • Matt Forbis, SecureIT Product Specialist, SecurityCoverage
  • Bob O’Dell, President & CEO, SecurityCoverage

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