Posted by: mattdf | August 19, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Virtually Eliminates False Positives!

SecureIT 2011 scores the lowest number of false positives among popular anti-virus products!

In a recent independent review, SecureIT 2011 outperformed four well-known anti-virus products by detecting the fewest false positives, based on a sample set containing over 11,000 Windows and Office files, and over 300,000 files from other popular programs!

To clarify, a false positive occurs when an anti-virus detects a file that is NOT an infection but still treats it as one, quarantining or deleting it. The fewer of these an antivirus product has, the better it will get along with other software and less time is spent trying to repair broken applications.

Thus, with SecureIT 2011, not only do you get the peace of mind that your PC is secure against malware, but the peace of mind that SecureIT won’t interfere with the programs you use on a daily basis.  Stay tuned to the blog for more SecureIT news in the coming weeks!

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