Posted by: mattdf | September 15, 2011

SecurityCoverage Introduces Refer-A-Friend Program

SecurityCoverage is pleased to announce the creation of a new marketing program for our partners:  Refer-A-Friend!

The Refer-A-Friend program allows our partners to contact their existing SecureIT subscribers and invite them to refer a friend (or colleague, or family member, or anyone!) to try SecureIT as their Internet security application.  For each friend who signs up, the referrer will receive one month of FREE SecureIT service, and the new subscriber(s) will receive a FREE Supported Remote Installation and 15% off their first year of SecureIT service!

Partners offering this program also receive a credit from SecurityCoverage for each new customer who signs up via this program, as well as a percentage of the revenue from each new client!  This is a great way to spread the word about SecureIT, get more people safe and secure online, and earn a little bonus for yourself.

To make things even easier, SecurityCoverage will handle all of the communication and license keys.  You let us know when and how often to advertise the Refer-A-Friend program to your customers, and we’ll handle the rest!

If you are a partner and interested in participating or you would like additional info, contact SecurityCoverage Partner Support at 1-877-725-4839 or e-mail for more details and to sign up.  As always, stay tuned to the blog for future news!

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