The exponential rise in security threats creates great concern for consumers. A security event can significantly disrupt their digital lifestyle, leading to frustration and poor customer satisfaction ratings. What was once just a PC threat, now extends to a variety of connected devices within the home and beyond. One virus delivered via email to the home PC can now infect an entire personal network, causing great anxiety for customers.

shieldProtecting customers from these threats is not only good customer service, which creates significant goodwill, but is also a great revenue generating business opportunity. Parks Associates, a leading market research firm for the digital home, reports Internet security and antivirus protection are one of the top desirable products of consumers to be delivered by their ISP or broadband service provider.


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SecureIT Plus Internet security gives you a simple, obvious choice. Our protection is better than ever at boosting your computer’s immune system with new virus and spyware protection to keep your system healthy. A top-notch detection rate, 100% detection of in-the-wild malware, compatibility with all current Windows operating systems (including Windows 7), and an abundance of security features ensure a worry-free computing experience for you and your customers.

SecureIT 2011 from SecurityCoverageTo celebrate the release of SecureIT 2011, for a limited time SecurityCoverage is offering 15 free SecureIT Plus licenses for your office use. Install it on your office PCs or give it to your employees for their home computers and see just how SecureIT Plus rids your life of all virus activity. Check out the functionality of the firewall and parental controls while navigating the simple, intuitive interface. Or simply install it and forget it, knowing that SecureIT 2011 is designed to keep your PC secure “out of the box.”

Experience the peace of mind that comes with free 24/7 live support from friendly technicians who won’t bore you with technical jargon.  Online security is no longer a problem because the SecureIT doctor is on your team to help you and your customers everyday.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with free 24/7 live support from friendly technicians who won’t bore you with technical jargon. Online security is no longer a problem because the SecureIT doctor is on your team to help you and your customers every day. E-mail Partner Support at or call 1-877-725-4839 today for your free SecureIT Plus license keys. Limit of 15 free license keys per partner. Office and employee use only.

SecureIT 2011 was recently tested by the independent research team at  AV-Test performs quarterly reviews and certifications on many of the most widely known anti-virus products on the market, and their certification is regarded as an industry standard.  This particular analysis put SecureIT 2011 to the test against infections from the WildList (

The WildList is a monthly listing of infections designated as “in-the-wild” by virus researchers. These infections are currently active on the Internet and threatening users, businesses and organizations.

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SecureIT 2011 joins an elite group of anti-virus software recognized and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7® Security Center. To achieve compatibility, SecureIT 2011 conforms to a strict set of policies and coding practices to ensure a smooth installation that reduces the risk of program errors on Windows 7.

SecureIT 2011 is also recognized as an official Internet security product by Microsoft, which allows us to register SecureIT as the currently installed anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall program on all current versions of Windows, including Windows 7!

Compatible with Windows 7To achieve recognition in the Microsoft Security Center, anti-virus programs must have the following:

  1. Advanced malware detection rates
  2. Independent third-party quality review
  3. Adherence to a software code of ethics for malware research and handling

Once all of these requirements are met and approved by Microsoft anti-virus software can receive this recognition.

The first requirement in achieving certification is to prove advanced malware detection rates. As some of you may already know, SecureIT 2011 recently received a 97.5% malware detection rate, according to an independent review performed by  Building off the success of that test we will be participating in several more independent reviews, including Virus Bulletin’s VB100 test, a wild list review by, and also a complete comparative by

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Posted by: mattdf | June 14, 2011

SecureIT 2011 Outperforms the Competition!

SecureIT 2011 was recently reviewed by, an independent non-profit organization used as a benchmark by the security software industry.

Their testing included on-demand detection against over 400,000 malware samples split into four different categories:

Worms:  Self-replicating, network-spreading infections.

Backdoors/Bots:  Allow unauthorized system access.

Trojans:  Malicious programs that appears legitimate.

Other Malware/Viruses:  Macro viruses and scripts.

The Results:  SecureIT 2011 scored higher in overall detection of malicious software than some of the most widely used and recognized security programs on the market today.

Detection rates are based not only how many samples are caught but also on the number of false positives (valid files) that were detected. During the review SecureIT 2011 detected “Few” false positives.

Along with detection rate, this group reviewed the product as a whole, stating “the user interface of SecureIT is essentially simple, clear and well-designed.”

These results highlight the strengths of SecureIT 2011.  We are extremely pleased with these results, and are planning to participate in additional independent studies throughout the rest of this year. Stay tuned for further updates!

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